You’re the most important part of your portfolio.

Are you comfortable with investing? Do you enjoy researching funds, following the market, making your own investment choices? Or do you find investing a little...intimidating? Perfect! Because whatever kind of investor you are, and however long you have to save, MOST 529 has a portfolio for you.

If you feel, “Managing my investments is complicated. I could use a little help.” Then,

One of our Age-Based Portfolios may be a good option for you. They automatically adjust as your child nears his or her higher-education years. (These portfolios may be not be appropriate for K–12 investing.)

If you feel, “I’d rather be in control and choose my own investments.” Then,

Choose up to five of our 16 Individual Portfolios, then manage the mix of those investments. (Consider this for K-12 investing, as age-based options are tailored for higher-education savings.)