Start smart with Missouri’s 529 plan.

If you have kids, you have questions. And one of the big ones is, how will you save enough for their education? For starters, it’s important to understand that:

  • It’s better to save than it is to borrow.
  • In most cases, 529 savings won’t impact your child's eligibility for student aid.
  • In all likelihood, you will have to pay some of the costs of your child's education.

We’ll cover all these things later. First, let’s start with the basics:

So, what is a 529 account?

It’s an investment account designed to help families save for education. Most states sponsor their own 529 plan, often with special benefits for state residents.

What can you use a MOST 529 account to pay for?

2- or 4-year college or university worldwide, Trade and vocational school worldwide, Graduate school worldwide, Registered apprenticeship, Student loan repayment1, Continuing education, K-12 public, private, and religious institutions tuition2



Beside tuition, you can use MOST 529 savings for: Books & supplies, Room & board, Fees, Computers & internet access