Make the MOST of your benefits package

As an employer, you want to offer competitive benefits and keep costs down. A MOST payroll direct deposit program can help achieve both goals. There are even more opportunities to help your employees with tax legislation that allows account owners to use 529 assets to pay for K–12 tuition of up to $10,000 per student per year at public, private, and religious schools.

Payroll direct deposit is good for you and your employees

Company advantages

  • Differentiates your benefits package.
  • Helps employees save for education.
  • Simple to administer—no cost to your company.
  • Complements your 401(k), 403(b), 457, or other saving program.*
  • Enhances existing tuition benefits, such as reimbursement and repayment.

Employee advantages

  • Easy way for families to start saving for education.
  • State and federal tax benefits can help employees' money go further.**
  • Low-cost investments professionally managed by Vanguard.
  • Account owner decides how and when the funds are used.
  • Account owner can continue to contribute after employment ends (but must discontinue payroll direct deposit).

When you offer the MOST 529 Plan, you get:

No extra costs or administrative hassle

With our online registration (which the employee completes), there's only one form that crosses your desk. We use the same Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposit that you're most likely already using, and there's no charge for the service.

A way to help your employees save

For as little as $1 per pay period (in after-tax dollars), your employees can save for their children's, grandchildren's, friends', or their own future education with a simple, convenient plan.*** The minimum for other contribution methods is also $1.

Support from a plan representative

MOST 529 Plan representatives are knowledgeable professionals who can assist you before and after you establish a payroll direct deposit program. They're available as an on-site resource to:

  • Discuss the benefits of payroll direct deposit.
  • Assist HR/payroll with initiating payroll direct deposit.
  • Lead workshops for employees on the importance of saving for education and the benefits of the MOST 529 Plan.
  • Staff benefits fairs.
  • Provide educational materials for staff and employees.

You can also see which companies and community organizations have events planned.

Employer resources


Our Employer Kit includes a number of printable resources, which you can use to help educate your employees about the benefits of the MOST 529 Plan. You can download them below or contact your plan representative to order the materials.

Welcome brochure featuring the advantages of offering the MOST 529 Plan as a benefit for your employees.

Everything you need to know about establishing and facilitating payroll direct deposit for your employees, with simple directions and tips for enrolling online or by mail.

A ready-to-display poster inviting employees to informational seminars about the value of saving for education with the MOST 529 Plan.

A ready-to-display poster promoting the benefits of the MOST 529 Plan.

Learn more

Find out more about how we can help you offer the benefit of education savings to your employees:

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