Forms to manage your account

Here's how to handle common transactions related to your MOST 529 Plan account.

Many transactions can be performed online when you log on to your account; availability is indicated below.

Open an account

Enrollment Kit

Open an account using the application in this kit.

Account changes

Account Information Change Form

  • Change an account owner's name.
  • Change an account owner's address or phone number.
  • Add, change, or remove a successor account owner.
  • Add, change, or remove an interested party

Beneficiary Change Form

  • Update beneficiary information.
  • Change the beneficiary.
  • Transfer part of the existing account balance to a new beneficiary account.

Trustee Certification

  • Identify trustees on a new MOST 529 account.
  • Change trustees on an existing MOST 529 account.

Change of Ownership Form

Transfer all or part of your account balance to a new account owner.


Investment changes

Exchange/Future Contribution Allocation Form

  • Exchange the existing money within an account (limited to twice per calendar year).
  • Change the direction of future contributions (anytime).


Payroll Direct Deposit Form

Add, change, or delete the payroll direct deposit instructions for your account.

Recurring Contribution (Automatic Investment Plan)/Electronic Bank Transfer Form

  • Start, change, or stop your recurring contributions (also known as automatic investment plan or AIP).
  • Establish or make periodic electronic bank transfers.

Additional Deposit Form

  • Make additional purchases by check.
  • Transfer money from a qualified U.S. savings bond.
  • Roll over assets from another 529 plan or an education savings account indirectly (that is, if you withdrew the funds from the previous custodian within the past 60 days).

Recontribution Sample Letter of Instruction

Use this letter as a guide to create your own letter to accompany your check if you have received a refund from a higher ed institution.


Incoming Rollover Form

Roll over assets from another 529 plan or an education savings account directly (that is, if the previous custodian still holds your funds).


Withdrawal Request Form

  • Request a full or partial withdrawal.
  • Close an account.


Form W-9, Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification

Certify the taxpayer identification number for the account owner or beneficiary.



Agent Authorization / Limited Power of Attorney

Authorize a person or an organization to discuss your accounts with a plan representative, receive information about your accounts, and act on your behalf with respect to your accounts.


Power of Attorney

Grant an agent the authority to act on your accounts.


Organization Resolution Form

Identify the officers or other persons who are authorized to act on accounts on behalf of an organization.